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Norwegian Forest Cat Awards

The Awards below are various awards that the Norwegian Forest Cat breed has achieved during its time with the Cat Fanciers Association. These awards vary in meaning, but hold great value to the hardwork and dedication that these breeders have taken to ensure the breed can be celebrated and loved for generations to come.

To understand these awards, you must first understand the cat categories for a competition.

A kitten is any cat that is between 4 months to 8 months of age.

A championship cat is any cat who is over 8 months of age and is intact.

Any cat that is altered and over 8 months of age is categorized as a premiership cat.

The CFA Awards can be divided into the following categories:

  • Grand Champion (GC) - A cat that is intact that has beaten at least 200 other cats in show.

  • Grand Premier (GP) - A cat that has been spayed or neutered. This cat has beaten at least 75 other cats in show.

  • Double Grands - A cat that has achieved both of the above grand awards.

  • Grand of Distinction (GoD) - A cat that won 30 finals each year for three years.

  • Distinguished Merit (DM) - The most difficult title to earn, it recognizes superiority in breeding programs. It is awarded to any male who has sired 15 grands (GC or GP) or female who has bred 5 grands (GC or GP).

  • Breed Winner (BW) - The highest scoring cat per breed in the Championship class is designated as the National Breed Winner. In addition, two additional cats are recognized as National 2nd and 3rd Best of Breed. (Note: CFA began awarding 3rd Best of Breed in 1998.) Only the Best of Breed is awarded the "BW" title.

  • Regional Winner (RW) - A cat that ranked within the top 25 in either kitten, championship, or premiership class within a CFA region.

  • National Winner (NW) - A cat that ranked within the top 25 in either kitten, championship, or premiership class in all of the CFA.

  • The Norwegian Forest Cat breed has a long and rich history.

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